Hotel Booking

Tuesday, August 25, 20152:23 AM(View: 1124)
Hotel Booking
responsive-web-design-indigo-hotel-services-hotel-bookingYou fill in the following information: date, dates (not mandatory), number of adults, number of children, room type, number of rooms. Then click reservation, you will be redirected to the page enter customer information.

After filling of the reservation, click Reservation is completed booking form submission process.

We regularly test new bookings and the information received your booking form we will contact you to confirm.

If you want to put a lot of room types, each type of room you need to redo the steps above 1 times.

Within 24 hours after you receive mail, customer care department by calling Luxury Hotel will inform you of the availability or non-availability and confirm again your orders (if they will be available to meet the requirements of your reservation) with instructions for payment procedures.
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Tuesday, August 25, 20152:21 AM(View: 1236)
Located on the 6th floor, swimming pool with overflow unique design will bring great experience. You can immerse yourself in the cool waters, sunbathing, or enjoy snacks and drinks from the bar attractive Plunge right side (only for guests of the hotel Hotels).
Tuesday, August 25, 20151:44 AM(View: 1151)
Located on floors 7 and 8, Indigo Hotel is a haven of rest with 9 treatment rooms and luxury. With a total area of 1,074 m2, we have an outdoor treatment areas and beauty salon. The experienced therapists at Indigo Hotel will help you relieve stress and fatigue in the treatment of our features.
Friday, August 28, 20152:42 AM
“The hotel is very nice design. Cleaning was good. The delicious breakfast is unbeatable"
Friday, August 28, 20152:40 AM
“The breakfast is unbeatable lots of varieties, very fresh. Close to the beach, perfect view”
Friday, August 28, 20152:38 AM
“My room was small but very fresh. A little bit of seaview, Cleaning was good. The staff was very helpful"